Makeupartist Maria Carita Gfrörer


As a result of being a part of generations of artists and tailors Make-Up artist Maria Gfrörer knew from an early age that she wanted to work in a creative industry, but was unsure as to which particular branch. Maria wanted to become a fashion designer as a young teenager. Her destiny lied elsewhere.


She has always loved skilled handicrafts such as sewing, drawing and painting, and somehow those interests combined in the course in which she found herself at Makeupstudion education.

Her encouraging and cheerful way of working is catching, responsive and fresh.


In 2008 Maria became a professional makeup artist, but then she had already been active within makeup for many years.

Maria loves to experiment with color and forms and with the unexpected .



Some of my educations:


Hairsstylist Mariart 2013


Airbrush Beauty 2013


Makeupstudion Education 2008


Body Sugaring specialist 2005


Lash Extensions 2004


Nail technician 2002


Skin Therapist/ 2001-1998




I speak Swedish, Finnish and English


Contact me

for booking and rates


email : info@mariagfrorer.se


tel : 070 71 90 660


visit my blog : www.mariagfrorer.blogspot.com



Some of my work :


Impostor magazine, Gloss Magazine, Schön Magazine, Moderna Hem, Jahti, Kamera &Bild, CloseUp, Plaza kvinna, Surfing, Aftonbladet Click, Borlänge Tidning, Dagens Nyheter, Allt om Stockholm, Vägra Päls.

Långfilm Vitt skräp.


Ica Supermarket Dalarna, Aez Wheels, Zodiaq, Filucca Lou, Marabou Twist, Krav, Frisörcentum,Offerta, Restylane, Nokia ,

Filucca Lou, Molanders, LO-TCO, Sellstor, Mirabling, BaoBao Goldwell, Joico,Nivea, ...


Stockholm Fashion week,Ellegalan, Rookies& Players show, Frey Wille show, Haganäs Wedding Fair, Gammelgården Wedding Fair, Trorsång Wedding Fair, Peace & Love,


Kamelot, Dogge Doggelito,, Oscar Bly, Pandora, Nordman, Regina Lund, Panetoz, Victoria Moralez,Pain, Korea, Carin Da Silva, J-Son, Carina Rylander, Katatonia, Anki Edvinsson, Cinna Christina Bromander..